hello, there.

madison against same wall

My name is Madison Cude, and I’m a 19 year old girl who is overwhelmed with dreams much bigger than herself.

You can find me doing life in the pretty city of Waco, Texas & going to school to become a missionary nurse.

Fueled (officially) by coffee, rainy days, and a calling to make disciples.

I am passionate for people in a way that keeps me up at night, and burdened with words that I don’t always know how to put together.

My thoughts are not organized & my heart rarely knows what it wants & I’m honestly just wandering around with a couple of packed suitcases, waiting for the day I figure things out.

And, to maintain this thing of transparency, I am loving every minute of it.

So, should you choose to stick around for awhile, you’ll see, firsthand, where this journey we call “life” takes me.

See ya around, sweet thang.


One comment

  1. Hey Madison, Just had to say hi and encourage you on your journey with the Lord. And I love your transparency. I too have a “sweetly broken” blog – sweetlybrokengirl.blogspot.com – and I have been on that journey too, where God breaks you down, exposes misconceptions, expectations, fears, etc. My blog is all about that, about being broken down and built back up, about moving away from self-sufficiency and moving into total, humbling dependency on Him. God bless you on your journey. It will change your heart, your life, and your faith. After a lot of tears, of course. I look forward to reading more. God bless!

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