sundays are for shaking nations

In January of 2014, I encountered Love, Himself, and my life radically changed for the better. I became a very different, more bold, joyful, and passionate daughter of God. But, I didn’t return to the Father on my own. I first entered a community of discipleship, encouragement, & growth, and nothing has been the same, since.

Because I now understand the weight and glory of the gospel and the importance of fellowship, I cannot keep it to myself. I cannot watch people turn from their First Love, simply because no one was pouring into them. Loving people is important. Encouraging our brothers and sisters is important. Challenging one another to pursue Christ is important. We were always created to be passionate vessels that shake the nations with the truth and redeeming power of the gospel.

So, the Lord led me to create a little thing I like to call “Sundays are for Shaking Nations.” It isn’t much, but it’s something very near and dear to my heart. Every Sunday evening, I have committed to sending out a newsletter to whoever is subscribed. These simple emails contain either a devotional, a challenge, encouragement, run on sentences, or lame puns. Or, you know, all of the above.

If you need a shortened version of the mission statement, here it is:

Discipleship. Growth. Encouragement. Authenticity. Community.

Interested in jumping on board? Click here to subscribe!


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